The true facts about hair loss
Approximately 80% of the population, both men and women suffer from hair loss to some degree or other. There are varying degrees of loss but in all cases it is emotional upsetting. Because it is not considered life threatening most General Practitioners do not treat it seriously. Hair loss can be caused by genetic and non- genetic factors. 

The secret is to treat the problem in its early stages. The earlier the better. This will encourage the hair follicles to produce a better quality hair. Genetic hair loss can be treated. Stabilising treatments can achieve this, as can keeping the scalp in optimum condition. 

Hair loss from non-genetic factors can be caused by a multitude of reasons. To name a few, poor diet, poor health, hormonal problems, some antibiotics, injury (particularly to spine or neck) sudden shock, after child birth, septic foci, stress, use of poor quality hair products and over processing of perms, colours, bleaches etc. Depending on the reason the hair loss can be long or short term. In most cases non-genetic hair loss can be rectified once the underlying reason has been established and treated. In all cases of hair loss scalp condition can actually improve or make the condition worse, so it is extremely important that the scalp is kept in optimum condition at all times.

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